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Seamless gutters can provide protection for your home and property in many different ways. When rain falls on your roof it has to run off due to gravity pulling it down towards the ground. When the water runs off your roof it often comes down in a concentrated point depending on the shape and design of your roof.  As the water comes off the roof and falls to the ground beside your home, it can damage landscaping as well as disperse the soil away from your home and the garden areas around your home. The water that falls around the home can also go into the ground and damage your foundation, this is due to excess water being funneled through the soil and under your foundation creating cracks and holes in the soil which eventually caused the foundation to crack shift or move. 

It is also not uncommon for the excess water running off of a home to create damage to near by retaining walls, sidewalks and driveways near the home. The water that runs away from the home can also carry expensive topsoil, sod, grass, flowers, and landscaping away from the home over time with consecutive rain falls loosening the landscaping.

Another part of the damage that rain falling off of a home without gutters is that the water splattering up can damage the external walls of the home. This water can get behind siding and trim damaging the wood and the paint on the exterior of the home. 

There are many different types of gutters on the market these days, some of them will be built on site if the contractor has the correct equipment, and others will take measurements and will order them from the manufacturer.

The crews will usually able to install rain gutters on most homes in about one day. The gutters will make a huge difference in channelling the rain water off of your roof and down a gutter pipe and safely away from your home. This will help you protect your home, and your landscaping investment.

If you have additional questions about the benefits of seamless gutters or are seeking the gutter installation San Antonio Texas has relied on for residential service for over 10 years, you can contact a trusted contractor and ask for help with any of your questions.